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Please help us restore and preserve our stained glass windows. Donation information is given at the bottom of page.

Stained Glass Campaign Update 3-5-2023


We have raised $96,000.00 so far for our Stained Glass Restoration Campaign. That’s over 65% of our $125,000.00 goal. Well done, members and friends of Senatobia Presbyterian Church (SPC)!


If you have not had the opportunity to give yet, please visit the How To Give page of our church website. You can send a check to the mailing address listed there, or you can give online via the app that i

s linked there. Just be sure to designate the money to the Stained Glass Fund.


The campaign to raise funds for the restoration of our gorgeous stained glass windows has officially begun! It's easy to give. Just follow the steps at the bottom of the stained glass page. So far we have raised $52,700.00 toward our goal! Willet-Hauser’s project manager Pedro and his son are here working on the windows and will be here through March 10!!  Their first step was to take photos of all stained-glass sanctuary windows for the studio to create the transparencies that will be installed in each window. The crew will also be preparing the windows for the transparencies’ installation. Look at the photo gallery above to see some of the work in progress. We hope to have the windows fully restored and in place by 2024, which is the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Main Street sanctuary.


SPC will be celebrating its 175th anniversary of the congregation next year. At that time, we would love to be able to announce the full funding of the Stained Glass Campaign, so please consider giving and supporting the restoration of one of Senatobia’s most beautiful landmarks.



  1. Click the Give button below to access the online giving form.
  2. In the Give box, enter the amount of your donation.
  3. In the To box, select the Stained Glass Campaign if it is not already designated.
  4. Enter your first and last names and your email address.
  5. Select Card if paying by debit card or credit card. OR Select Bank if you wish to enter routing and account numbers. Then provide the requested information.
  6. Scroll down if necessary to see the rest of the form.
  7. If you leave the Cover Fees box checked (which is recommended), then your donation will be slightly higher so that you are covering the transaction fees for the church. For example, if you donate $10.00, you will actually be charged $10.61 with the $0.61 being the fees. However, if you do not wish to cover the fees for the church, then you may uncheck that box.
  8. You may leave an optional note or memo if desired.
  9. When you are finished entering information, select the Give button at the bottom of the form. You will receive a receipt email listing the amount you gave to the church (it will not list the fees).